CherFields Products & Services is an innovative Marketing Company that also specialize in Website Building, Graphic Design and Online Business opportunities.

The company was established in 2005 by its owner Cheryl Foster. 


CherFields P&S had a partner site called CherThis.com that provided information on work at home companies and how to beware of scams that took place every day online.  The site also offered tips on what to beware of when searching for a work at home opportunity, which ones really worked and paid after being tested by the CherThis.com team.  Now CherFields has taken over as CherThis.com successor, offering the same type of research services on it’s website.


CherFields P&S believes in independent business opportunities.  Most business that seeks to start online, also starts with a website that showcases their products or services to the world, all which is provided by us.  Not only that, we also provided SEO Marketing, Facebook Advertisement, YouTube videos, Commercials with professional actors and other tested and proven marketing techniques that is current to its daily social media users.


We now offer offline marketing through direct mail, flyers and partnerships built with location business owner in many states within the US.  This will give your business an offline present that you can also build-on to your website to have repeat customers that can take advantage of your products or services on and offline.


Lastly, we provide stats to show how well your website has been doing since it’s launched date and provide tips on how to improve page ranking and get more eyes on your site.  Targeted traffic is also key when helps you to grow with customers that are already in the search engines looking for what it is that you provide.


CherFields P&S makes it their business to keep up with all changes that effects online marketing. Also with modern designs to keep its customers and partners up to date with what trending now and works effectively online today.


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